Last week I wrote for Scambieuropei, the most known website in Italy dedicated to European mobility programs an article titled “Let’s stick together and do our part: today at home, tomorrow in Europe”. A week later the situation, as you may have heard, is still very serious here and only through strong measures to contain the virus will we overcome this emergency, already universally declared.

Being a young Italian used to freely move around Europe and being a person who likes (and needs) a clear schedule and a plan to live a smoother daily routine, I spent a fair amount of time lost in my thoughts. While out there thousands of nurses and doctors are giving their 150% of available energy and commitment, we are required to offer a different kind of effort. 

Whether we help our parents running a local supermarket, whether we write statements and launch communication campaigns to fight misinformation (a real enemy for the EU, especially during this crisis) or whether we entertain our peers with digital activities (shared games, quizzes, live workout, cooking tips and much more) that do help to maintain a good mental health, we are doing our part! We protect our families, our fellow elder citizens (who risk the most) and we show our sense of responsibility and solidarity. The same solidarity that incredibly breaks borders and limits connecting young Europeans all around, even in these complicated moments. Let’s stick cause we are #togetherwithEU!


By Gianluca