On the 25th of October, I attended the Go Global Fair at the University of Birmingham. The fair was for all university students and staff that wanted to gain more information about working, volunteering and studying abroad. At the start, I was a bit apprehensive and scared because it was a Russell Group University and I thought the students would not be interested in joining us. It was also the first time I promoted Europeers at a fair by myself.

I respect all of you that have previously promoted EuroPeers at your universities by yourself, it is difficult. Trying to talk to different people at the same time, whilst trying to build a rapport with them and guard the sweets on the table. Oh yes, I would not let anyone take our sweets without hearing about EuroPeers. If you want sweets, you need to listen to me for the next 5 minutes.

All jokes aside, the fair showed me that there is more than ever an appetite for short-term international opportunities. Young people want to go out there and explore other countries and be exposed to other cultures, they want to expand their horizons and experience things they will not be able to experience in the UK. This is where we come in, as Europeers we can give them that pep talk they need, we can tell them about European Solidarity Corps and youth exchanges. Most importantly we can share our experiences and tell them about our personal developments. EuroPeers is not just about promoting European Solidarity Corps and/or spreading the word, it is also about peer-to-peer mentorship and support.

At a time like this (I am not going to mention the word) it is really important that we are there for each other and our network.

Hopefully, the above inspired you to go out there and be an outstanding EuroPeer and support other fellow Europeers and young people that believe in our cause.

If you need help with anything or some inspiration, feel free to let me or EuroPeers UK know at europeersuk@momentumworld.org

By Ana