I started this adventure the 17th of September, 2018. This is the first time that I decided to go abroad more than a few months and I couldn’t decide a better place to stay.

Two years ago I finished my degree as an English teacher. When I finished university I tried to pass the exams to work in the public school as an English teacher in Spain, these exams are called ‘Oposiciones’. 

After this, I had to wait until they need me to work in a school, so I decided not to waste one year waiting for a call and do something. That was the moment I applied for and EVS project!

When I discovered all the opportunities that an EVS project could give you, I knew that it will be my future. One of the reasons to apply for these kinds of projects was to improve my English, so I applied for one project in England. The Other reason was to learn from the experience, being abroad one year will make me learn how to achieve new goals for the future.

After a few weeks, I was traveling to the Lake District Calvert Trust start the most exciting experience of my life.

After almost 7 months here I have learnt so many things… but I am going to summarise the most important ones.

First of all, I meet incredible people every week. People who don’t know what disability means because for them the disabilities are part of them and they try to overcome challenges every day. I have learnt that anyone should think about the things that they can’t do because everybody CAN if they try it.

During my first week with a group at the Calvert Trust I cried in one of the sessions, happy tears (of course), because when you see someone doing something that they think they can’t do, that it is the best feeling in the world. Seeing someone achieving goals and breaking the barriers. 

Then, I have to say that during this experience there are hard moments too. For me those hard moments are when you think to give up and go back home. The things that helped me were the new friends and family I have now here. One important part of these type of projects is to share the experience with the people who are around you. In my case, I met other volunteers and the staff at the Calvert Trust. I love when more than one culture live together because that is the nicest way to learn unknown things. 

All in all, when my friends and family ask me about my experience here, I only have good things to say but I can’t avoid to say that the weather is a nightmare! As I said before, I come from a very sunny place and the Lake District is famous because of its landscape but not for its weather. But even having this opinion, I have learnt how to enjoy the British weather! Sounds incredible but It’s true.