Feliz año nuevo! (ES)  La multi ani!(RO) ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος(GR)

Felice anno nuovo!(IT)

Christmas time was over. Such as the first time in October I arrived at Manchester by plane. Subsequently I took a train and I stopped in Penrtih (North Lakes). Afterward the bus was waiting to bring us to Keswick. The colour of landscape turn from white to verdant. At home was Eva with a cute postcard welcome the New Year.

Next day Denisa arrived and finally we were all at home. Some much to talk and we managed to catch up. Eva continue without engaging with sunny days and Denisa opened a bottle of Prosecco to celebrate it. Next morning, we change the Prosecco for “English natural remedies” against the hangover: water with lemon and ginger with a spoon of Marmite.

Once with our body, soul and mind almost in balance we were ready to meet with our new flatmate, Nicoló. He is coming from Italy and is going to be my fellow in sports and health across generations. It is nice have someone who share the same passion to keep fit. So, we didn´t lost the time and this month we started to make climbing, rowing and health walks. As well we went to Penrith to see how Keswick won the first match of rugby of the year.

But what is the best way to meet someone? By walking. All of us we prepared our backpacks and we went on the way to Buttermere.

During the walk we were very lucky, and we could enjoy some sun rays. The path was guided by the Holy little poops of sheep and we arrive to the lagoon.

Our feet stopped and we got lost in the immensity of the landscape…Do you think you can tell blue sky from lake? So much beauty in the same picture, that we let our eyelid drop drown to assimilate it. After the mental photo without flash it was the time to recover strength, so we had a picnic. We sat for a long time that we almost became a tree. We stand up in time, before creating roots extensions between earth and butt.


Along the way we find anchored rocks with which to play as mountain goats. Go up and then go down and continue back home. The sky started to blush. Suddenly, we were in the middle of somewhere, in the echo of the silence flooded with a boreal pink light.


Gracias Enero!      Multumesc Ianuarie!        ευχαριστώ Ιανουάριο(efcharistó Ianouário)!  Grazie Gennaio!


By Edgar