This has been a momentous year in so many ways, of uncertainty, restrictions, and self-isolation. However as once said, in chaos there are opportunities and I have constantly conditioned myself to see opportunities and positivity in the midst of uncertainty. Moreover, I think young people at this time have considered ‘what is next’, employment, education, and how to cope within the new normal. This has certainly been my year’s story of working from home, university turning into virtual education, and how to develop myself within this new normal.  

My experience has been immersing in online courses, projects that I kept pushing back, and more travelling! Though people may say is it safe, as for me I’ve thoroughly enjoyed travelling and meeting like-minded people that are even more positive in the midst of the new normal. This continues to motivate me to push boundaries and exchange ideas, experiences from all over. My theme is always “travel, explore and grasp all the opportunities” – and be part of the generation that reacted with solutions.

By Nadia