I’ve always struggled with my experience of the education system, the formal style of learning that requires so much conformity that you quickly forget what individuality is and become quick to judge anyone who dares be different.

This is why non-formal education is vital to us as young people. Non-formal education is taught by equals, those who teach us have no authority or superiority over us, they simply have a greater understanding of a topic that they wish to share with others and facilitate a process in which we can all learn. Non-formal education gives us the freedom to interpret what we’re learning in our own way and use it in a way that adds value to our life.

Europeers is an example of non-formal learning, we all have something to share and we can learn from each other no matter our age or background. Our intelligence isn’t graded here, as long as we have a passion for what we believe in then we are destined for a successful outcome.

I’m proud to say I learn better through non-formal education. Get rid of the focus on aesthetics, no more uniformed clothing and hairstyles and regimented rules and behaviours, trust me and give me the freedom to represent my story through the clothes I wear and the colours in my hair.

Non-education is freedom and I’m proud to be a part of it.