It has been almost 20 days since I left England. In the blink of an eye, I’m back in Greece. I feel good. The house looks more colorful, people look happier, even the food tastes better. Nothing changed at all here in Greece, only the pandemic arrived and it’s obviously quite a big deal. I feel so grateful for choosing to spend a full year abroad. Volunteering for twelve months in two EVS projects is the greatest gift that I’ve made to myself, after buying my first camera.

As a teacher and an amateur photographer, in just 12 months I got new experiences across both of my interests, I met people that made me feel motivated to start learning four languages at the same time. I have plenty of people around the world to share moments with and… everything in the most uncertain times looks so balanced. I have so many memories that I can recall, so many smiling faces, songs in Spanish, Romanian, Italian, Lithuanian… an Austrian “swan” to share our interest in photography, places, colors, emotions… all of these captured in a few words and many many MANY photos and videos. The technique in photography is not something that I know a lot about, though the natural beauty is more than enough to show you the world in our ‘’eyes”. With our team, “The Keswick squad”, we travelled around and captured the magic of the Lake District, while volunteering for our EVS, hosted by Momentum World.

This small gallery is just a sample of our time together as a team. We are in the process of gathering more photos which will be featured in a small book, full of memories. Feel free to have a look and if there is this ‘’small voice’’ inside your head that tells you to try a similar experience, giving it a try is a good idea.

Click here for more beautiful photos of the Lake District. 

By Eva