Happy European Youth Week everyone and welcome to this week’s blog post!

We just had a very eventful weekend leading up to and promoting the start of the European Youth Week today. But let’s go through the past week chronologically.

Obviously, Monday was Easter Monday and meant a day off, which, fortunately for everyone, was perfectly timed with some lovely weather. Therefore we spent almost the entire day outside enjoying the sun.
After having such a nice day, the rest of the week until Friday progressed normally one might say.
I went to running practice, also known as physically abusing your body, with the Keswick Athletic Club on Tuesday.
On Wednesday, Emilia played in her next home game with the Keswick Ladies’ Football Team, while I ended up cleaning canoes and kayaks with the West Cumbria Canoe Club, thinking I was going to get out on the water in a boat for a little session. This actually turned out to be not so bad, since the weather had changed into dreadful kayaking conditions within 15 minutes anyway.

Naturally, the weekend was certainly the most exciting part for various reasons, the biggest one being our EuroPeers UK event to promote the European Youth Week, of course.

As always, my Saturday started with the Keswick parkrun at 9 am. Later at around 2 pm, I went down to the local basketball court to participate in a fundraiser tournament organised by the Keswick Lions international and the Keswick School Basketball Team, who need money for new kits and to be able to play actual games in the future. As a basketball enthusiast, I was happy to help them out and play a little as well, even though the weather really was not ideal for outside playing.

Finally, in the evening, our friend Nathan from Chesterfield arrived in Keswick for our event the next day, so we were all ready to go in the morning.

Sunday arrived and we went out starting the day with our litter-pick around Derwentwater here in Keswick for a few hours. Many people who passed us by thanked us for what we did in general, though as most people in the Keswick area can’t be considered part of the age group ‘young people’ we only got to talk about us as EuroPeers twice, which did receive very positive responses.
Around lunchtime, we were joined by Jack, another friend from the Chesterfield area, who helped tagged along and helped us with our afternoon drop-in and information session in the Moot Hall in the town centre of Keswick.

In the end, it was a quite successful event throughout as social media presence is just as important as the direct interaction with other people, which we naturally still had, putting emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

Now that the European Youth Week has officially started, it is definitely worth saying once again, how important and positive it is to spread the word about international opportunities, EuroPeers and the entire Erasmus+ programme.

That being said, we encourage you to do exactly that and even organise your own events to raise awareness for what we all believe are invaluable opportunities, networks and causes.

By Max