For a number of months plans were under way.

Ever since the idea for an innovative virtual space for EuroPeers had been conceived we got busy sketching out what it might look like, and most importantly, how it would be different when it comes to engaging younger audiences.

We got a EuroPeers UK team together to draw out plans for areas within the virtual space, we collected over the years, and abundance of static, and interactive resources, and this project, is a remarkable showcase of the amount of work EuroPeers UK has done over the years, and now is needed more than ever, with international opportunities for young people in the UK being under significant threat, facing uncertain future.

Our massive thank you goes out to Paul Oxborough for coordinating the work done by the amazing team of youngsters at Chesterfield College led by Piers Ching.

Make sure to pay a visit to the space, and recommend it to those in your network who would be interested in learning a thing or two about the benefits of international experience.

EuroPeers UK Team