In the space of a few weeks the whole world has changed in ways none of us could ever have imagined. Most of the world has gone into lockdown as Covid-19 raged through every country and nation causing a global pandemic. 

Normality has been stripped away from us and it feels like we have entered some sort of dystopian movie with everyone getting sick, we can no longer have human contact, humans must stay 2 metres apart and we can only leave our homes for an hour of exercise a day or more necessities. These are the rules the UK government has put in place to slow the spread of the virus to stop more people from getting sick and lessen the strain on our health system. However, lockdown has been difficult for many of us, but it has shown us that in the face of uncertainty we are resilient. 

Glasgow (my city) and my community has pulled together to help those who are vulnerable by helping with shopping, making sure we all have enough food to get through these next few weeks or months and by keeping each other’s spirits up. Individuals within my community came together (stuck to the rules though) to paint murals on abandoned ground to show with everyone feeling alone during they are not and to show support for our amazing NHS. 

The declaration of a worldwide lockdown has given us time to think and reflect on the current situation and ourselves. These times have shown us what is important in life – compassion, love, family, friends and human connection. We may feel alone right now but we are not. We are all in this together andwe will get through it together!

Love, Jamie-Lee