Hello, I am Jessica. I grew up in the south of Wales, in a small valley but later moved to Cornwall for college. I have always wanted to live as close to nature as possible.

This EVS project is in a small animal rescue park, in the middle of the countryside Italy but 1.5 hours outside Rome. In this Park, they rescue local wildlife like sparrows, hawks, foxes, and deer. They also take rescued exotic animals like capuchins, macaques, birds, and wild pigs.

I arrived here at the end of June and I am living in a small cottage next to the park. I live with another EVS, Laura from Spain. So far we have both been enjoying the Italian diet, the beautiful scenery, and wonderful animals. I was very excited to come. I had always wanted to visit Italy because of its beautiful countryside and artistic cities. Before coming here, I have previously volunteered in animal rescue parks during my days off at college. Since that experience, I am confident I want to have a career with animals.

This EVS placement is the perfect opportunity to expand my experience and gain more knowledge in the industry. Because I had worked in animal parks before, I knew what the general day to day activities were. I was expecting to spend a lot of time cleaning, chopping food, and taking care of the animal. I do all of these things daily but also more. I get to spend time learning the primates’ behaviours, learn about the correct diets for each species, and learn the process for rehabilitating wild animals. It’s hard work but I have adapted easily into the environment, thanks to the people working with me. The team here is incredible, everyone is always ready to help you with anything you need, they are here to support you on a bad day and the atmosphere feels like a big family from all over Europe.

I am learning about new cultures, new languages, and becoming more confident in myself and in my skills.

By Jessica