Momentum World’s Creative Director Paul Oxborough has started a new not for profit organisation called the Mental Health Motorbike ( This aims to support bikers of all ages who deal with depression and mental health issues.

As a society, we are going through an extraordinary time where the need for support services is definitely on the increase. There is more demand in people wanting to talk since the onset of the virus. The Mental Health Motorbike is a small team of 3 staff and 15 volunteers (who support our work at events and via fundraising activities) but have high ambitions of how they want the biking community to engage with their own mental health recovery. 

Aim 1 – to get qualified mental health first aiders in a bike shop or club in every town and city across the UK. This will create a strong backbone for the network. The mental health first aid course is a Government approved scheme ( MHM has a team member who is an accredited trainer able to deliver these courses. 

Aim 2 – To create the Mental Health Motorbike Foundation. This will provide opportunities for people to apply for support in a project/training course/ activity that will help with their mental health recovery. 

Aim 3 – To attend a minimum of 12 events per year reaching out to the biker community directly. The branded motorbike will attend these events and be very visible and encourage people to come and talk and join the network. Many of the volunteers are people recovering from mental health issues and they will represent the Mental Health Motorbike brand at events. 

The team are also exploring how to setup MHM ride out’s and meetups which allow people from all over the country to meet up and explore how they feeling as part of an organised activity.

The MHM have realised there is nobody else providing a service like this so they are a unique organisation that is generating a great deal of interest. Since the start of this month, they have already supported 8 people in crisis and 45 people through our online support. They also have a Chesterfield bike shop/garage ( sponsoring the bike, they provide all the running costs, servicing, tires and MOT to keep the motorbike on the road. 

Over the next few weeks, the MH motorbike will be branded in the 2020 designs and anybody that comes on board can have their sponsorship or company reflected on the bike, their logo ion all materials going out as well as information website/social media. 

Join them on social media to see this extended part of the Momentum World’s journey to support people with mental health issues.

By MHM Team