On March 22nd, Joanna and I were given the chance to explore a marketing and technology expo in London (MTEX). Unfortunately, going to London from the Lake District takes quite a while resulting in a very early start for the two of us. We had to wake up at 6 o’clock to catch the bus and the following train from Penrith, however we finally arrived at the Excel Exhibition Centre around 12 o’clock.

At the Expo, we attended many seminars (and lectures), each of those related to different subjects within the marketing sector. There were topics such as virtual reality, storytelling or digital marketing, some of them were interesting some were less interesting. From my point of view, it was difficult to find the right people for our particular interests, most of the exhibitors addressed their products and systems to big companies with huge budgets. Nevertheless, it was an interesting and an enriching event, by talking to a few people I could get some good thoughts and ideas out of it.

On Friday we were due to meet Andrew (CEO of Momentum World) and Olga (EuroPeers UK Project Coordinator) in their office to catch up and discuss the upcoming tasks and the development of the EuroPeers UK network. We came up with many productive ideas, a few are set to be implemented at our next EuroPeers UK network meeting at the end of April.

It was a great trip to London with lots of different impressions and new ideas.

By Mathis