My EVS experience has brought a lot of new international friends in my life. Mathis and I opened Couchsurfer account during Christmas and many inspiring people have stayed at our place, we have had so many good evenings. We want to have as much international experience as possible. I can’t even name the European country where I don’t have friends already. In the middle of April, Momentum World had Time for Tea event, there were participants from 18 different countries! I love taking part in international projects, it is brilliant to be part of such a diverse group and work together with one accord. Two weeks ago I visited Edinburgh and I really liked that city, there is so much culture everywhere. After that I went to London to took part in EuroPeers meeting – another inspiring event.

All that happened within last 3 weeks: Time for Tea in London, couchsurfer from Germany, visit to Edinburgh, couchsurfer from Canada, friends from Estonia, Erasmus Plus deadline and EuroPeers meeting in London. The end of my European voluntary service couldn’t be more active and fun. So, what’s next? Do I go back to Estonia and everything will be the same as it was before my EVS experience? Definitely not! I found my way, I know what I want to do with my life and what I don’t want to do. I learned a lot about myself, I see myself more respectful and open-minded. I go home, heart filled with thankfulness and happy memories. I go home, having experiences I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.