I’m Joanna from Estonia. North-England → Lake District National Park → Keswick is the place where you can find me, I do my EVS here, in the most beautiful part of England! I work here as an international project assistant in Momentum World.

Lake District and Keswick are extremely beautiful, I fall in love with the area more and more each day. Every time I look out of my bedroom window, I see mountains, it does not get much better than this for a nature lover. People on the street just smile to me when I pass them and every time you get a bit out of town, people greet me. All this makes me feel warm and welcome here. Couple of steps and I’m out of the town and I can discover the world heritage national park’s breathtaking mountains. Another thing I like about Keswick is that there are so many dogs. What do you think who switched on Christmas lights? Local celebrities Max and Paddy of course (who just happen to be Springer Spaniels). How cool and crazy is that! I’m truly blessed to spend my year here.

I love the opportunity Momentum World has given me! Everybody believes in me, they encourage, inspire and motivate me to try new things, to learn new skills and improve myself. They teach me to care about the world, about youth, to contribute to society, make a difference, be a game changer, not a bystander.

The first thing Momentum did was sending me to London, to meet the rest of the team. I also had on-arrival training in Liverpool, a project Time for Tea near London, I visited Blackpool and I had Europeers meeting in Lake District. So I get to see much more than just my fantastic little town. Soon I am going to have a mid-term meeting in Glasgow. I have joined a local run club, gym, cricket training and lecture society. Everywhere I go there is always something new waiting for me. I’m so excited about all the new experiences my volunteer year has up its sleeve.

Do I enjoy my EVS? Oh yes, absolutely! I wish everybody would have the desire, courage and opportunity to take part of Erasmus+ programme. It’s just amazing how many motivating people you meet, how much unforgettable memories, knowledge, courage, new ideas and skills you gain. Life shouldn’t be boring and one-sided, so make a move, take action, use the life-changing opportunities Erasmus+ gives you!