Howdy people,

My name is Nicolò and I’m from Milan, Italy.I’m now in Keswick, a nice town in the north-west of England, as a volunteer for sport and health across generation for the organization Momentum World.
The main thing I love in every sports is the challenge with yourself, the effort to reach your goal, the days, the months of struggle just fir howl in the end “I did it”.
Besides, the sports give you a way to know your body, your limits and know how to exceed that. For me the sport is the only connection to know oneself and your body much better.
My first day in Keswick was full of emotions. I remember still now what I felt in the exactly moment when I took the train from London Euston station to Penrith. I was really happy and in the same time very worried about this new adventure. For ten minutes in my head there was only a voice that said ” What the *** are you doing ?!” and after one breath, I closed my eyes and I started to think “Man, the worse ting could happen is the death”.
I got off the train in Penrith and other than typical English evening with the rain and wind, I found Trevor, my supervisor, who drove me to my new flat.In front of the door I found a cardboard with written “Benvenuto Nicolò” and without fear I opened the door to meet my new flat mates Denisa, Edgar and Eva.
We spent a nice evening in the pub where we talked about how it’s to live in Keswick, about yourself, about future projects together, with the sweet company of the beer.
In these weeks I could find the beautiful things about Keswick, for example there are more sheep then people.
There is a landscape that would resurrect the dead, the people are really polite and nice, the sports is in the blood of every resident in Keswick, there are a lot of paths to walk in the middle of the nature.
If all the next months will be like this first month, then I’m 100% sure this will be a great experience.


By Nicolo