Here we are 1 month in UK, the month of acclimatization had already passed, and November made its appearance. The new month started with the on-arrival training in Liverpool! An introduction to the main topic of the EVS, tips, information about the UK and a great gathering of new volunteers from all around Europe, are some of the remaining memories. After we start exploring Liverpool, which is the second visited city in England, knowing its interesting museums, arty beach and energetic people.


Working in the community with different activities and with different ages, we needed to have a deeply understanding of UK’s laws, so we participate in a Safeguarding training. Being active and healthy is one of the cores of the project, so we took part of Active Cumbria’s workshop, called “Cumbria Walking for Health-Walk leaders”. On this course we learned the benefits of walking: is a great way to explore your local area, it’s simple, accessible, low cost and sociable, is ideal for people of all ages and abilities. And the most important are the answers of the questions “Why walk at least 30 minutes daily? “, walking regularly can reduce the risk of some forms of cancer, heart disease, be as effective as antidepressants or psychotherapy, support social interaction and reduce social isolation.

Another training that we took part is “Mental Health awareness for sport and physical activity”, in which we had a deeply understanding of mental health problems and how to help people being in that situation.

The social highlight of the month was the strong bond that had been created between the Keswick’s and Calvert Trust’s volunteers (Alice, Eva, Luna, Viviana). Our ‘’company’’ counts seven persons and it keeps increasing its number. Together we had some walks around Keswick, around the Derwentwater and finally going up to Latrig to have a picturesque view of the area.

By All