Erasmus story

Charlotte on project

Charlotte Oxborough

I finally got involved in my first project when I was only 15 with the organisation Momentum World. Lacking in confidence, unsure of my future and surrounded by strangers from 7 different countries, it was most certainly a unique experience for me. This was the S-factor project, a 3 day inclusion project integrating main stream and special needs education. It gave me the chance to meet extraordinary people and develop skills in media, business and enterprise. It enabled me to look at disability in a completely different light and also introduced to me an inspiring potential career choice. This enthusiasm has only got stronger through my years of taking part, with the most recent year being S-factor into Eurovision and First Time Europe in Austria. It added a phenomenal international element to the project.

This project not only introduced me to a new and exciting environment, but also introduced me to people who would completely change my life for the better. It was here that I met a group of individuals that I later travelled to Austria with on an Erasmus+ and Momentum World project. Being able to travel over to a new country at such a young age gave me the opportunity to face challenges I’d never encountered before. I learnt how to overcome language barriers, engage with fascinating new cultures and start creating an international network of friends that will last me a lifetime. This project had such a massive effect on me that when I got the chance to return to Austria as a youth leader, I jumped at the opportunity. This time I had a greater level of responsibility that would have easily overwhelmed me if Momentum World hadn’t given me the chance to build up my confidence and encourage me to believe in myself.

Having just applied to university, it was incredible to be able to write all the unique things that I have achieved so far. I now have pride in my abilities, confidence in my social skills and hope that further life changing projects with Momentum World will open up their door to me. On a local level it has given me confidence to do the Duke of Edinburgh Award, work in a charity shop and become part of the training team with the Derbyshire Fire Cadets. all this experience has also helped me get my first part time job – who wouldn’t want to do such exciting things?