Dafydd out mountaineering

Dafydd Wilson

Since April 2013 I have been working with Momentum World; first as a member of the Volunteer Police Cadets and now as an individual; on different international projects. By jumping at the opportunity to visit Serbia in in 2013 I have been lucky enough to also visit Georgia as well as different project in the UK. I also hope to be going to Finland, Bulgaria and Austria over the next 12 months.

During my time working with Momentum the best experience I had was going on their International Leadership Course in January 2014. Here I learnt a lot about myself and discovered what I really wanted, rather than what people wanted me to do. It also taught me more about photographer and film making; a skill that I am still using and developing today.

Since then a lot of close friends have said that I have returned to the Dafydd they knew a few years ago. I am spending more time doing what I love and spending time in the Mountains, I enjoy going to work everyday and enjoy photography even more every time I get my camera out.