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Émeline Marcelin

After graduating I did not really know what I wanted to do nor what I could do. Soon after I learnt about the EVS, I found an opportunity in Germany to support a socio-cultural project from the German Red Cross called the KaufBar. I decided to give it a try, even though it was already the last day to apply… and luckily I was selected. Three months later I arrived in Braunschweig in northern Germany. My best memory is the strong human experience I had there and how inspirational were the people I met. The team I worked with was composed of people from a range of nationalities, ages, backgrounds and experiences, and as were the visitors of the centre. We all spoke German together, and it has been a real pleasure, though often a challenge, to learn a language during the job. The EVS gave me confidence in my skills and true motivation to continue supporting other social and international projects. Today I happily recommend the EVS to everyone I meet who is looking for a routine break and life-lasting experience. This is also the reason why I became a member of the EuroPeers!