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Ilona as Europeer

Ilona Kuzak

My choice of gaining a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication focused on Diversity Management and Migration Studies at the European University Viadrina in Germany was influenced by my experiences with the European Mobility and Exchange Programmes within the EU (Poland, Germany, and England).

Thanks to joining the Erasmus Plus Programme I realized that I am an Enthusiast for Personal Development, Workplace Diversity and Professional Mobility Programmes.

My twelve months long European Voluntary Services Placement in Ealing in London in 2007/2008 offered me amazing opportunities to learn about Inclusion in Education and at the Workplace. Working as a School Session’s Coordinator in an inclusive setting for children and young people with special needs made me believe that everyone can make a difference in other’s people life. Via working together in a diversity society we can bring the best out of us only when we want to learn about each other’s values and exercise our intercultural flexibility.

Being officially trained as a EuroPeer in Luxembourg in 2012 encouraged me to spread the word among the Peers and to enable younger generations to reflect more on the EU Policies and to raise their awareness for the European Mobility Programmes. As a European Ambassador whilst studying at the University I had given many presentations at various events at schools, universities and career events. Other personal development opportunities appeared for example a chance to work as a trainer during international Youth seminars and workshops for young people in Europe.