Young peopleKasia Kacprzkk

I am a big enthusiast of EU youth mobility projects and their impact on participants’ personal and professional development. I have been gaining an extensive knowledge on the EU Youth Policy since 2007 when I experienced my first mobility project abroad under EU Lifelong Learning Programme. Since that time I have completed five learning and training stays in different European countries both for short and long-stay. I was involved in promoting the Youth Mobility Programs at my Universities and hometown.

Being a participant in different kind of workshops, seminars and conferences (for instance: Model European Union, ISFiT or the conference ‘Cross-border mobility as learning environment and its dimensions of recognition’) broadened my mind both in theoretical and practical way. I have been working as a volunteer and cooperating with several non-profit organizations that were running the EU programs for youth exchanges. I never regretted taken part in any mobility project because each of them gave me an unforgettable experience and enriched me as a person.