Internship in England

Patti internship

Patti Dejaeger

I´m 25 years old, I´m from Belgium but now live in London after being an intern for 4 months Momentum World in 2014.

This experience has been one of the best I have had in the past 2 years because it gave me lots of opportunities and more than that: direction! I compare my time with Momentum to that of a Lighthouse. To be honest, when I started I was lost, I didn’t know what to do, especially about work, but I met such good people who gave me positive energy, advice and confidence. They gave me the opportunity to learn about myself, to travel, to discover different European programmes (like Youth in Action, Erasmus+), to be involved in so many different projects (such as 2020 Education programme). Today I am on my way to becoming an English teacher and I can tell that this experience helped me to find my way.