StoryI took part in my first Momentum World project this summer. There were about 25 of us from all over Europe and the UK, on a course called Leadership=Employability. We spent a week in London working with the Momentum Team and other specialist trainers to help develop and clarify our leadership styles and personal brands in order to increase our employability. This also gave us an amazing opportunity to meet loads of new people. Each day was jam-packed with activities, from coaching sessions, to visiting the Houses of Parliament, and designing and filming our own live TV broadcast – often followed by a cheeky trip to the pub in the evening!

Personally, I found that this was a truly unique experience. As a 19 year old student with very few plans for the future, I often struggle to think about long term goals and what I want to do when I finish university. Being surrounded by such a supportive group of people and learning about so many new things really helped me to consider what I enjoy doing and how to start making some decisions about what I want to do in the future.

Despite being a course based around developing our own personal leadership skills, the best part of it, for me, was meeting and working together with so many lovely, like-minded new people, and learning about their different countries and cultures. Over the course of the week I made an incredible new group of international friends, who I will never forget!

I hope to be involved in many more youth projects in the future and would recommend it to anyone. International links are so valuable, and this is a great way to begin the process of creating your own worldwide network!