Sadie on S-factor

Sadie Parish

I attended my first project the S-Factor in the UK organised by Momentum World organisation. This project included several other volunteers form other European countries. During the project we worked alongside two Special Educational Needs schools. By the end of this project we had successfully delivered the S- Factor show to an arena of around 1000 people! This project was so influential and inspiring. I would recommend this to anyone who has a passion for working with young people. It has the power to change lives!

I also attend a project in Finland alongside other European volunteers. This project allowed me to explore the Finnish Curriculum and work alongside Finnish students. The aim of this project was to explore 2020 education. For example, we ran sessions on topics such as the environment, culture etc. rather than traditional subjects. This project drastically allowed me to develop my leadership qualities. I also met so many new friends and got a taste of the beautiful Finnish culture.

Overall, participating in Erasmus+projects has considerably enabled me to gain so much life experience and has hugely increased my employability. I now have so much to talk about when it comes to interviews and my CV is sparkling. It has also enabled me to meet so many new people and make lifelong friends.

Also, you are never far from a good ice breaker or three!