Erasmus story

Zofia in Vienna

Zofia Hernacka

My name is Zofia and I’m a EuroPeer in the UK. My first Erasmus plus project took place in Germany and lasted for two weeks. It was called European Youth Weeks. Youngsters from 10 countries gathered together in Heppenheim to discuss, learn, share inspirations, make new friends and have fun. I came back home with a load of positive energy and I decided to get involved in other Erasmus+ projects. What’s amazing about participating in them, is not only gaining new experiences and skills, but also travelling to amazing places and meeting awesome people. Some of the connections last for a long time after the project ends, and that usually leads to a reunion. We travel again just to see each other again in “real life”. I know that without meeting a couple of the people, I would be in a different place right now, and for sure I’d be a different person too. I got inspired to move from my home country and start studying abroad, all the fear of changes just disappeared. With no doubt whatsoever I can say that the inspiration that leads to awesome things in life is the most valuable thing I got from Erasmus+.