My international experience really took off with my year studying abroad in Lausanne, Switzerland. During this time I travelled around Europe, learnt to ski, and made friends for life from all around the world. The scenery was absolutely breath-taking, as hopefully some of the photos have captured.

The Erasmus Student Network in Lausanne facilitated an easy transition into life in Switzerland and helped me to meet other international students through events and trips they regularly organised, such as city tours and weekends away. Upon returning to my home university in Southampton, I volunteered at my own local ESN section to try and similarly help international students new to my own university. This has led to a multitude of opportunities for travel as I’ve attended international events in Greece and Italy, representing ESN UK within the much wider network of forty countries.

It is also through ESN that I heard about the opportunity to attend the Europeers training weekend in St Albans. It was so inspiring to meet so many internationally minded people from such a range of backgrounds, as until this point most similarly minded people I met would be through ESN, thus all students like me! EuroPeers opened my eyes to the vast array of opportunities available to me through the Erasmus+ program, that hitherto I had been oblivious to – assuming that after my year abroad, my time abroad was at an end for the next few years at least. I really admire and support their mission to promote Erasmus opportunities, as such things are rarely made known to younger people, especially those not in higher education. Now, I am proud to call myself a EuroPeer, and I look forward to spreading awareness of the opportunities available through Erasmus+!