My Erasmus+ story

Since 2013, the Erasmus+ program has changed my life in many aspects. My journey started in Spain, to be more precise, in Lleida, where I´ve been volunteering during four months in a youth centre. I always wanted to improve my Spanish by living in a Spanish-speaking country before entering university. Rather coincidentally, I learned about the EVS-program from a friend. It was the first time that I went abroad for a longer time. I didn´t know anyone in Catalonia and couldn´t imagine how my tasks as a volunteer would look like, but starting this adventure was one of the best decisions in my life. I met a lot of international people but also made friends in the local community, gained my first experiences as a language teacher, learned how to run an own household in a shared flat with two other volunteers, …

Very soon I decided that I wanted to stay in Spain for more than four months and received a confirmation from a second project in Andalusia. I went there in January 2014, not with the Erasmus+ program, as you can only do an EVS once in your lifetime, but I still got the chance to volunteer in a youth organization together with two other EVS volunteers. We were involved in the organization of two Erasmus+ youth exchanges and other local events and realized cultural activities, sports and arts workshops for youngsters. This experience was a huge contrast compared to the first project although I stayed in the same country, from a cultural perspective but also with regards to the local surrounding as such (living in a city vs. in a small village). I am very grateful for the opportunity of getting to know two totally different places in Spain and I had a wonderful and unforgettable time in both projects. After the Moorish Games in July 2014 (the most unique event I´ve ever participated), it was time for me to say goodbye… so far the best year of my life came to an end, but the experience remains and has shaped me as a person. 

My Erasmus+ journey continued until today…

At the Comeback event with around 300 volunteers who returned to Germany I met the EuroPeers and became enthusiastic about the possibilities of further engagement within the “Erasmus bubble”. It is great to be part of a network of active young people sharing a European spirit, motivating others to make similar experiences and planning projects during the annual meetings. 

During my studies, I supported Erasmus+ students and exchange students from all around the world to settle in Passau and I also did two Erasmus+ internships.

Thanks to the EuroPeers network, I got the chance to participate in several Erasmus+ training courses and a youth exchange. But one of the highlights of my Erasmus+ journey was the organization of my own project last year, the youth exchange “The Power of Sports”, with participants from Germany, Spain, Turkey, Morocco and Armenia. This project was possible thanks to the support of a team of seven German EuroPeers, forming the informal group EuroYouth.

My next step: starting my professional career in the field of international youth work.

Without Erasmus+ I wouldn´t be the same person that I am today, and I am very grateful for all the opportunities that I had thanks to the program. Therefore, I also encourage you to start your own Erasmus+ journey and to start discovering Europe!

By Ronja