We need to stay together!

Hi, I am Sara, I am Spanish and I am currently finishing –or trying to- my degree on International Relations & Translation and Interpreting here in Spain. I worked as an intern at Momentum World last summer and I became a EuroPeer as well! I had the chance to participate in activities with peers from all Europe and listen to their stories. 

As I have mentioned, I am currently in my last year of university. It is probably the hardest year, since I have to do two final projects that are quite demanding. Lucky me that now I’ve got plenty of time to dedicate to them! Besides, I’m also searching and applying to different internships and jobs for the time I graduate. Hopefully I get an opportunity in which I can work in an international atmosphere and implement the different skills I’ve acquired these past years. 

We are all aware of the current crisis that is taking place worldwide. For all of us, it has been something shocking and unexpected, and we are trying to adapt to the situation as fast as we can. Here in Spain, the spread rate has increased substantially in terms of days, and it will continue in the next few weeks. We have been in an alert state since one week, and I have been confined at home for almost ten days now. This has meant a complete change of plans for at least a month, and I had to cancel a trip I had scheduled to Florence late this month. Staying at home is restrictive, we all know it, but us, as young people, need to come with creative ways to invest our time during this quarantine. And we have to value the endless opportunities the Internet offers for this. I exercise everyday with my mum and sister, we use YouTube videos to follow different routines and to dance! But the best part of connectivity is the possibility of being close to everyone thanks to the new technologies and social media. Last week, I was able to call all my friends from my Erasmus year in London through Skype, and we spent hours sharing our latest updates and thoughts. I did the same with my cousins, I have a big family and thanks to communication apps we are able to be on the same call altogether. So, within the difficult situation, there are ways to stay close to those you care about, and sharing has never been so easy! Now more than ever: WE NEED TO STAY TOGETHER!

Sara Valero, Spain