I recently attended the EuroPeers Training course in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina from 6-11th November.

It was an exciting and powerful action packed schedule. I left feeling equipped, inspired and ready to inform other young people. To seize all the opportunities that Europe has to offer. My journey started at 3am to Heathrow airport and flying for the first time to Bosnia and Herzegovina. After landing I met a few of the other participants we were picked up and dropped at the Archdiocese youth centre. A few of us had a long walk around the city before joining the rest of the team for a well deserved dinner. In total there were 18 other participants from 9 countries and 2 trainers.

Day 1, was a general introduction to EuroPeers, active in Europe and fun games particularly guess my passion.

Day 2, consisted of workshops and the local project preparation. After choosing the local projects we had to practice our presentation skills in front of the group using the intimidating elevator pitch. I was in the group presenting EVS to a local youth aimed at young teenagers.

Day 3, execution of local projects in Sarajevo this included 3 groups aimed at a high school, student dormitory and street action. The youth club was a success as we presented our individual experiences using the living library method. The participants left with handouts of local and international resources and learned about EVS in Germany, Norway, Iceland and training courses. After the local projects we went out to celebrate at a local restaurant and had a traditional Bosnian dish.

Day 4, evaluation, reflection and brainstorming for prospective projects back in the UK. The trainers went through EuroPeers contacts for each country represented. To conclude the last night we had an intercultural party and danced the night away. Overall the training course has given me practical ideas and tools how to teach others about European mobility programmes. I had an unforgettable experience with new friends and back in the UK ready to join the movement of European youth engagement.