My favourite story from one of my international experiences is between getting out of the sauna and running through piles of snow to jump in the frozen sea and run back again. That was a once in a lifetime experience that I did it with a group of friends I had just met and that was in Finland.  Another one of my favourite moments also happened in Finland.  Sitting in the snow for 6 hours with a group of new friends and we eventually witnessed one of the greatest things in life. The northern lights. It was breathtaking and It was such a beautiful thing.

Being part of international projects training and job shadowing has made me more comfortable and has made me appreciate the opportunities I have had. I have been paid to do international administration by Momentum World and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without being sent abroad and having the chance to volunteer internationally or job shadow or take part in international projects.

I am so thankful for every opportunity I have had internationally and have achieved so much because of my experiences. My CV looks so good because of everything I have taken part in. I have learnt and developed skills in so many areas. I was an international project manager in Newland park managing a range of people with a range of different ages with different skills and all from different countries. Achieving something like that when I was 18 is just amazing.