Well, here we are. Hello and welcome back to, and I can’t quite believe it, my very last blog post on the EuroPeers UK website.

It was a busy and exciting week, having two friends from Germany over here in Keswick and trying to give them the best Lake District experience possible. It was just lovely and the weather at least didn’t let us down.

So, after hustling our way up Skiddaw on Sunday, we managed to go hill walking on Monday as well. Only aiming for Walla Crag, a nice hill we had been on a couple of times before, we ended up extending our walk up to Bleaberry Fell, which we had never been on before and is, well, let’s say significantly higher. It was a lovely sunny day out in the Lake District that I’m happy our friend Lasse got to enjoy and us with him.
To finish the day off we welcomed another friend from Germany, Bente.

Two days of extensive hill walking is actually very tiring, who would have thought. We did realise that on Tuesday and spent a relaxed day outside near the lake, cooking together and just catching up after not seeing each other in many months, falling asleep surprisingly early.

On Wednesday it was time for something I’d had my eye on for a while, a Keswick Brewery tour.
The local Keswick Brewery, just a 2min walk from our flat, truly is a cute little local Brewery. We got a complete tour of the entire building, which is two rooms and a bar area to be exact. I’m serious when I say it was very interesting, the tasting at the end of the tour was great and the nice little family feel everything had was just lovely.
That evening it was time for Emilia’s last football game at home in Fitz Park, while Lasse, Bente and I went down to Derwentwater Marina and took kayaks out on the lake. It was perfect timing as it rained when we walked to the Marina and when we walked back home but not while we were actually on the water. Just great.

Another day of hill walking was ahead of us on Thursday as we planned on going up Helvellyn, one of the few hills/mountains over 3000ft. Even though we couldn’t see as much from the summit as we obviously hoped for, it was still a wonderful hike. We actually extended our day out by taking a bus further down to Ambleside and Windermere, another place I hadn’t been to either.

Later in the evening, we went to a pub to be around the events of a Thursday night open mic night, another typically British experience for our two German guests.

Friday saw us doing nothing except going for a coffee, exposing our German friends to the deliciousness of the local specialty that is the Sticky Toffee Pudding and saying goodbye to Lasse, who went on his journey back home.

For Bente’s last Lake District experience, we went for a walk around Derwentwater, which took us about 4 hours including a long break and taking advantage of the nice weather, yet again, as much as possible.

The weather treated us fairly well during our friends’ stay and we got to do almost everything you’d want to do when in the Lake District, essentially many of the things I really enjoyed during my time here.

Well and now here we are. The end of my last blog post. After a week with people I hadn’t seen in months and who I’ll be coming back to in a little less than two weeks.

one of the first pictures after I arrived in late November 2018

It really does feel crazy that even I have now spent almost 9 months in Keswick, being a European Volunteer.

Of course, I will never forget this journey. The learning process that comes with it is immense. I have already learned so much, I am learning right now and will certainly keep looking back on this to still learn from this experience, whatever aspect it may be.

I could hardly articulate anything accurate and comprehensive enough to describe the value of this in its entirety. I’ll just go with this: Thank You!

By Max