The last group I worked with was called Back-Up Trust. For those who don’t know, the Back-Up exists to transform the lives of everyone affected by spinal cord injury. That means delivering a range of services to build confidence and independence back into people’s lives, and offering a support network when it is needed most.

Working seven days with this group was amazing, all the participants were nice and friendly and all of them came to The Calvert Trust to learn and achieve new skills. Some of the participants were wheelchair skills teachers and the others were the learners in order to improve their skills to have a completely independent life.

We did a lot of different activities with the group: canoeing, sailing, going out with the catamaran, cycling, the swing, zip-wire, and some wheelchair skill sessions. But we also did a camping night! Throughout the year, Back-Up Trust is the only group who has a camping night. One reason is to learn more skills and ways to take care of themselves out of their comfort zone. All of them had an amazing night and they showed all the skills achieved throughout the week.

During the camping night, our visitors helped the staff to build the tents, to cook and to tidy up everything. But the important part of the excursion was when the participants had to find the way to get into the tent, get dressed or other basic tasks that can be difficult when you are using a wheelchair. All the staff was there to help our participants, but just if they asked for it because facing the challenge was the main aim of our group.

I just want to say thank you to The Calvert Trust and the Back-Up group to let me share this great experience with them. Not only did the participants achieve goals and learn that week, but I also learnt a lot about how to face the problems in life.