Is there something in your local community that you would like to change? Something that bothers you and needs to be addressed? Do you have creative ideas but don’t know what resources and funding are available?

You only need a group of at least 5 young people aged 18-30 to start a Solidarity Project with the European Solidarity Corps which gives you founding to get creative and realise your own ideas for a project over 2-12 months in your local area.

At the EuroPeers training weekend in St. Albans, Mercedes from the National Agency told us all about the opportunities within the Corps, which include the Solidarity Projects but also volunteering opportunities, traineeships and jobs. 

In a workshop we got to get creative and thought about a Solidarity Project for a scenario of a young person who came across issues in their local community. The opportunities for solidarity are really endless and can address exactly what is important for your local community. The funding also gives you access to get a coach or professional to help deliver aspects of the project but it’s really focussed on your own ideas and plans and a great opportunity to improve and learn skills, realise an amazing project and make a change in your local community.

By Elisabeth