Hi. It is Monday again. I’m on my way back home on a train to Keswick after a fun and busy weekend, which can’t keep me from still uploading today though. Just as it should be.

Okay, so this week we had a girl from Keswick School in our office for work experience from Monday until Thursday. She had slight scheduling issues with her initial placement, so we as Momentum World came in to still give her the opportunity to get a work experience placement.
Over these four days, Emilia and I familiarised her a little with what Momentum World does, what EuroPeers UK is and talked about the international opportunities that come with it.
We hope she found it interesting and had a little bit of fun getting to know the kind of work that comes with Erasmus+ involvement.

On Wednesday specifically, I went out on the lake in a kayak again. Finally.
It was a marvellous evening. Sun, a calm lake and an idiot who accidentally picked a paddle for left-handed people even though he is clearly right-handed.
At least now I could simply take any paddle. To be fair, it really isn’t that big of a difference.
Anyway, I went out all alone and I don’t have any pictures because I purposefully decided not to take my phone with me as I wanted to take everything in as purely as possible.
On Derwentwater, there are quite a few islands, some of them rather small, others bigger and easily accessible. Since I got to Keswick and started going out on the lake I always wanted to grab a kayak and paddle to an island called St. Herbert. I’m not sure, but I think it’s a bird sanctuary, though people are still allowed to step foot on it, as long as everyone makes sure to clean up after themselves.
Being alone on the water in a kayak, slowly drifting from bay to bay and spending a little while on this peaceful island, for me that is quality time. Time spent with nobody but yourself, time to think about whatever is on your mind or maybe think about nothing at all. Quality time.

And then there was the EuroPeers UK National Training Course in St.Albans from Friday until today. We had 19 participants wanting to become EuroPeers and learning about international opportunities. As always with these wonderful training courses the participants came in from all over the UK, representing England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and many other, non-British backgrounds.
It’s always great to see such a variety of people sharing stories, experiences and working together to learn new skills.

Besides all these great things about the training course, there’s one rather sad side note to it as it was our very last one. This really does make me realise once again how fast approaching the end of our voluntary service is with less than two months left at this point. I have to add at this point how grateful I am for the incredible people I was fortunate enough to meet so far through my Erasmus+ journey.

By Max