The year started, so do we!

With a warm heart, good wind cloths and a body prepared for everything we arrived at the meeting point in St Bees to do our first beach clean of the year with National Trust and  a group of people who wants the plastic to be away from nature.


We took the gloves, the litter picks and the reusable hemp bags and start our journey, after 2 steps from the car park we saw the sparkle of the plastic pieces and another one and another one and another 100 ones were around us.

With a clean path we arrived at the big, windy, beautiful beach of St Bees, where the coast to coast walk starts and ends in Robin Hood’s Bay. Often named Wainwright’s Coast to Coast after Alfred Wainwright who first devised the walk, and published the first guidebook, this challenging but extremely rewarding walk showcases the best of three of the UK’s most scenic and visually stunning National Parks – incorporating The Lake District, The Yorkshire Dales and The North York Moors.

Under it’s beautiful pebbles , were tiny pieces of plastic ,we start to move them and try to pick as much as we can from the left, from the right, up, down, from everywhere, it was a big puzzles of lollipop sticks, wires, bottles and surprising tiny toys.

But this wasn’t the most surprising object left by the people on the beach, our “treasure” was a boot, other people’s “treasures” were a rusted metal chair, nets and socks.

Even With the sea breeze in our faces we could see clearly the trash of the people in different shapes and sizes.

If you want to take action in your hands, you can visit the page of National Trust and see where they are having cleaning activities in your area or you can go by yourself in the nature and try to pick up the litter.

Let’s start to help the nature, it gives us so much and now is our time to give and protect!


By Denisa