Prior to learning about EuorPeers and the Eramus+ programme, I thought the international opportunities open to teenagers and young adults were only available through college and university. After speaking to a local volunteer working, I was educated on the Erasmus+ scheme, and I was recommended to participate in a EuroPeers training course in the local Merthyr area.

Participating in the course was lifechanging. Not only was I exposed to the countless training programmes and workshops available with our European partners, but EuroPeers also taught me a different form of education that is largely absent from traditional teaching institutions. This is the education of sharing my international experience with my European peers and, as a result, being more aware of cultural diversities, and developing an understanding of the similarities and differences with my cultural make-up.

I then attended the 3rd EuroPeers International Network meeting in the European Youth Capital of 2017 Varna, Bulgaria. This was a fantastic opportunity for the British and our international partners to gain an insight into the vision of a future EuroPeers and how each EuroPeer could enhance the programme within our local community.

I am a graduate in International Relations and have always had a passion for understanding the geopolitics that drives our world. I now reflect on Europeers as the first, vital step in expanding my global footprint as it granted me the confidence and the social skills to travel anywhere on earth. I recently returned to Cardiff after accepting a year-long internship in Zhuhai, China. Here, I worked at a liberal-arts college as a teaching assistant at humanities. I relied on openness, critical thinking, and my listening skills – these were all enhanced by experiences I faced through the workshops and training programmes I participated in thanks to EuroPeers.

I would honestly say it was because of my experience with EuroPeers that made this possible.