It was just one second, and then the door got shut, the world was in lockdown. Staying away from loved ones, you get a chance to get closer to the most important person in the world, yourself, and having the biggest treasure in the world- time for yourself! This is a great opportunity for self-reflection and self-evaluation.

Being in lockdown for two months now, we have had enough time to get over the shock of the situation, got used to it, and now step by step we are facing up to the consequences.

The first question that we ought to be asking at this moment is: what now? In my opinion, we should start by checking how comfortable we have been with ourselves. How comfortable have we been in our homes? Are we comfortable in the almost 24/7 hour life together with our partner? What does matter to us? We have a bit more time to be with ourselves and to think about these questions. We have time to be sincere with ourselves and rethink everything, and ask once again; is it worth it to live with someone that you cannot tolerate? It is worth it to dedicate time to self-care.

This lockdown has been the perfect time to understand that we are running too fast! Nature took justice in its hands and told us, okay it is time for rest! Let us be mindful and pay more attention to self-care in this so important period in our history.

This will pass soon, we are lucky to have this once in a lifetime opportunity to return to our – selves and be mindful.

Stay positive, smile, and do not forget to take a deep breath!

By Vaf