The last few weeks have totally thrown us out of alignment, completely changed our plans putting us into a very difficult transition to a completely different lifestyle. We were not prepared for this. Everyone had dreams and goals, travel plans made that we now have to surrender for a while. 

Most importantly, we have to surrender ourselves to the situation. It is the best time to open up ourselves to compassion. We must accept the situation as it is, that we cannot control it- the only thing that is in control is our reaction to it and find peace and faith within us .

One of the best things that can help you go through this pandemic is supporting others. Have a look at what volunteering opportunities are out there in your community: whether it is Foodbank, helpline for the elderly, etc. There are many organizations urgently looking for support, both online and offline. I would encourage everyone to seek for opportunities because it will not only bring significant impact to society but will also help you to go through these times. Volunteering can give a sense of purpose in such difficult times, help to connect with others and be a positive influence on our mental health as a whole. 

Solving this situation is a shared responsibility, for which we have to work collectively to achieve change. At the end of the day, we are all in this together. If we learn to feel compassionate towards others, it will reduce our own difficulties. 

It is a great time to delve deeper into ourselves and establish stronger connections with others. Now, the world is a vulnerable place and I invite everyone to embrace it. Let it be a time for self-reflection, re-adjusting our beliefs and relationships with other people and ourselves. 

Stay Healthy and Safe!

By Vaida