After the year we’ve had due to Covid 19 it is always a pleasure to get out and meet people
in the real world, and this is what happened last week at Chesterfield College. As you might
know, they have been partners with Momentum World creating two experimental online
virtual spaces. We managed to meet the Digital Media Team from the college to discuss
these spaces and also explore a great new international project called ‘Lessons From

It is great to have regional partnerships, and this is extra special as it is involving students
from my hometown and the college my daughter went to. This is great for their CVs and
portfolios having examples of projects from real companies they can talk about at an

When you end up in the EuroPeers Virtual Space you might very well be on a spaceship
or in an underground bunker – you decide! but wherever it is, it is a space to be explored, a
chance to find out more about the work of EuroPeers. See if you can find the secret maze of
discovery and watch the videos, head into the cinema, collect the objects from the outdoor
world, and along the way explore lots of other rooms.

The space will be officially launched mid-July and will be fully accessible via a web browser.

By Paul Oxborough, Creative Director at Momentum World