Hello. Monday. Blog. Right, you get it. Let’s see what happened last week.

Monday and Tuesday were just your average work days. Trevor was away in Hungary, so, apart from casually meeting the Duchess of Cambridge on Tuesday, Max and I were doing some EuroPeers work in the office while also preparing for Wednesday when we went to Keswick School for the Year 12 Careers Fair. I’ve been to the school a few times now, so we had no trouble finding everything and everyone without Trevor. But because it was just us doing an event for the first time, we couldn’t help but be a little nervous and we honestly didn’t expect a lot of interest considering all of the different universities present but it turned out that quite a lot of the students wanted to talk to us and were thinking of doing a gap year. So at the end of the day, we had a couple of meaningful conversations as well as some newsletter sign ups.

Although the weather was absolutely dreadful, I had to suit up for my football match that evening. We played at home, so we had many players to swap around the field and we ended up with our third draw of the season. It was a great game and every time I see the improvement in myself and everyone else who hasn’t played before.

Thursday and Friday were days off for us, so on Thursday, we decided to stay in and do some chores due to the weather still being awful. On Friday though, we had a walking day planned. We took the bus to Honister Slate Mine in the morning and walked through Honister Pass and took a break at Buttermere Lake, to then walk back over Fleetwith Pike. The weather turned out to be very good and it was one of the most beautiful and enjoyable walks we’ve done yet, although climbing Fleetwith Pike was pretty exhausting. It was also nice to walk outside of Keswick on a weekday because there weren’t too many people.

The weekend was unusual for us because we decided to volunteer at the Calvert Trust. The Calvert Trust is an outdoor centre, just outside of Keswick, that caters to the special needs of people with all kinds of different disabilities. Our friends and fellow European volunteers work there and we wanted to see what their work is like. So on Saturday morning, one of the instructors was so kind as to give us a ride to the Calvert Trust where we’d be working the next two days. I got to come along with one group, and while trying to be as helpful as possible, at times it was hard for me to find something to do considering the safety precautions that need to be taken by the highly trained staff when working with vulnerable people like they do. But even in the moments where I wasn’t able to help, I got to watch the instructors at work. I’ve got a lot of respect for these instructors because they do all they can to ensure that everyone can have a great and safe outdoor experience. On Saturday evening we went on a little walk by Thirlmere, had tea in Keswick and watched the sunset at Surprise View. Overall a great and interesting weekend. I’m very happy we got the chance to volunteer at the Calvert Trust and it hopefully wasn’t the last time.

By Emilia