So, I was trying to spice up my introduction by adding a random fact, because, you know, this blog is not only fun but also educational. The first random fact google gave me though was about evaporated milk, so I thought maybe I’ll just stick with my usual “hello, here’s a blog post for you to read”.

As the past week has mostly been filled with us sitting in the office, I thought I might as well give a bit of an insight into what we’ve been doing at work recently. I stay on top of getting the newsletter ready for the month, so during the beginning of this month, when there wasn’t much to do on the newsletter yet, I created a newsletter manual for EuroPeers and following volunteers, so that the design will stay uniform and on brand. Another thing I regularly do is tend to the website. I came here knowing nothing about WordPress. Now I’m able to keep a website up to date with design, content and pictures. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert but I’d definitely say it’s a useful skill. Other than that we write reports and blog posts and manage some social media campaigns. Every week we get new and different tasks, some challenge us, some are easy but all of them add to our toolbox of skills.

Then it was finally Friday. We decided to take Viviana, our new Calvert Trust volunteer, up Latrigg. It’s the perfect hill for a nice evening walk as it’s in Keswick and it’s fairly easy with the reward of a great view of the town and lakes below. We took some silly pictures at the top and after getting back down, we decided to go out for tea.

Saturday is becoming our walking day. This time we wanted to climb Great Gable. We set off nice and early to catch the bus to Borrowdale. By the way, that bus ride is absolutely mental, alongside the lake, right underneath Catbells, it almost feels like a rollercoaster, but the view is fabulous. Anyway, the weather wasn’t too great, it was warm but the clouds hung very low, so we didn’t get a great view from either Green Gable or Great Gable. Regardless, it was fun as always and it got us excited about doing Scafell Pike and Scafell and a few others this upcoming Saturday. After getting back into Keswick and freshening up a bit, we enjoyed the sunset in the park with cherries and good company.

After our eventful Saturday, we had a slow Sunday. After sleeping in, we went out for brunch and a long walk around town, taking in what will only be our home for another month now. Then we couldn’t help but watch the Wimbledon Men’s Final. What a thriller! Afterwards we caught another sunset in the park while having a little kick about with the football.

By Emilia