It was the actual proof that in just three days a team of 27 people related to youth work around Europe arrived in Leicester, organised a visit to the Parliament, discussed innovative ideas around youth work, filmed and presented the whole process of the project.

It’s 6:30 am of February 11th and London is calling! A meeting in the Parliament around youth work awaits us. As a group of youth workers, we are expressing our thoughts and worries around youth work and international opportunities. A member of the labour party is there to gather and discuss our queries. A discussion around the meaning, the importance and the future of youth work is developing for around 1,5 hour.


Many things have been said and even more are under consideration. Soon after our Parliament visit finishes, we arrive at London’s oldest youth center. At St. Andrew’s youth center we analyze and search deeply the nature and importance of youth work. The whole process is evolving through workshops and activities. Without realizing how the time had passed, though with some great progress, it’s time to enjoy some free time around London. Some coffee, a tasty bite and a visit to a really beautiful and updated bookstore-gallery were more than enough to complete that day in a satisfying way.

The 12th of February has arrived. It’s probably the busiest and more challenging day of the whole process. It’s time to interview the participants, film, edit and present some footage from the project. PCs are on fire and soon enough the job is done. Denisa is updating the website, Eva is filming under Paul’s instructions, two podcasts related to youth work are taking place and all the participants are under some creative pressure.



It’s 4 pm and yes! mission accomplished. Some great footage after two creative working days is about to be uploaded.Here are the results




By Eva